Dior Metallic Gaucho now on Elux!

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  1. I'm not really a fan of the gaucho in the first place, but I think the metallic one looks a lot better than the others.

  2. I never understood the appeal of that shape. :sad:
  3. wow it's very bling-y. i still prefer the medium gaucho in white the best. but it's interesting in gold. but wouldn't buy it.
  4. I don't think the gaucho is suited for metallics. The shape to me is geared more for the weathered leather look. I have a medium red gaucho, which is still my favoriate.

  5. ^I covet your red Gaucho Kat!
  6. Yeah, I'm not fond of the metallic gold. There's a bronze coming up tho. I have the medium red but I'm salivating after the purple croc (or python...can't tell) coming up in the fall lineup.

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  7. mmmm....i use to like the gaucho, but the metallic one is just not for me:sad:
    i prefer the ones in plain leather!
  8. I didn't like the gaucho except in white and maybe red. I like the metallic one but it looks kinda funny for some reason.
  9. I love the gaucho, this is the only style that I like from Dior, and this gold is so bling-bling! This bag is sold out on eluxury as of now.
  10. The metallic one is soo pretty!
  11. As much as I love Dior, Dior Gauchos never attracts my attention.
  12. never really liked it... still don't