Dior Messenger Rebelle Line

  1. [​IMG]
    If this hasnt sold out like their entire line has..THIS baby is SO MINE on FRIDAY(!)..Jill is going shopping...LMAO.....What do you think.I adore green,I even have a Prada winter coat in this color.It comes in black too....OPINIONS?
  2. I don't love this Jill :sad:
    I'm sure you'll look fab wearing it, but I liked one or two from the line better personally!
  3. ^ Did you like the shoulder hobo better..I keep bouncing back and forth between which to get..The Dior store is ready to kill me-I am driving them nuts!LOL!
  4. Jill,

    Sorry to say that I don't like Messenger, definitely prefer Rebelle Hobo (1st choice) & Shopper (2nd choice). This color (Khaki/Olive?) is quite neutral, I think it will go with alot of outfits. Maybe you can get it in another color so that it won't crash with your coat? =) Black and White are both nice.

    How exciting! Have fun shopping Jill. =)

  5. How big is this, Jill? I actually like the style but it looks like the dimension is not quite right. I like my messenger bag to be big, although slightly smaller than the paddy tote. But, I like it. :smile:
  6. I think its 12 X8X4
  7. The greyish slate one looks the best. I'm not so hot about this color.
  8. do you have a pic handy of the other one?
    I remember you posting some a while back and I liked at least one of them really well.
  9. [​IMG] hobo
  10. I like the hobo much better than the messenger, but, I'm not a messenger girl myself so...I'm biased! I love the overall look of both bags tho, so, have fun deciding hehehehee
  11. Oooh I love the hobo, and I think I prefer the white - the green just looks not as sharp.
  12. hobo is cute
  13. oh yeah, I totally prefer that!
  14. Three words Jill: biker chick bag.
  15. I like the hobo too! Since I'm short, I don't do well with medium/large size messenger bag.
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