Dior messenger bags

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  1. I want a messenger bag, any ideas?
  2. Hi Justinleaddict!

    The Dior Gaucho medium looks WONDERFUL as a messenger bag. The Rebelle line bags do, too.

    And if you're interested in long straps that go across the body, you can try the older pink/blue/baby blue trotter line OR the Dior Homme line.
  3. i think the vintage logo messenger is cute:


    on top of mayday's excellent recommendations, there's also the dior flight messenger:

    the vintage zipped flat messenger:

    the large logo vintage bag (from sabine's boutique -Dior Handbags Blue Logo Jacquard Large Vintage School Bag SLO44036):

    and the diorissimo messenger and the flay messenger
    (pictures attached)

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  4. The blue Flight Messenger bag is on sale in the Dior botique starting today. I have the Flay Messenger bag in beige (~$380 sale price). I love it. It can hold a lot of stuff and it's super light. It's a great deal to pick it up on sale.
  5. LOVE that vintage traveller messenger (the blue one). I'm not a big fan of the big metal CD disk at the front, but this simplified messenger really speaks to me!!!
  6. POST PICS PLEASE:nuts:!!!

    Holts is having a sale on the Dior logo denim stuff too...I wonder if they have this messenger in stock.
  7. I love the dior flight messenger! wow. I must call... I wonder what the sale price is.

  8. according to eluxury.com:

    Dior Flight Large Messenger Bag
    $579.00 <-- sale price

    Call your local Dior store to find out. eluxury price sometimes varies from the Dior Store.

    Good Luck
  9. i wanted the vintage zipped flat one in chocolate but the price is out of this world!! so not worth it!!
  10. thanks!