dior merchandise for nm's private sale

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  1. hi ladies, i saw the thread in "deals & steals" for the nm private sale and clicked on the link to check out the dior merchandise they have on sale and OH MY THE NEW TROTTER ROMANTIQUE FLAP IS ON SALE NOW AT $707. can't beat that price!

    Sale Dior - Neiman Marcus Online

    something tells me i gotta empty out my bank right now.
  2. WOW i thought that design came out recently. I cant believe its on sale!
  3. me too! and it's a really fantastic price for it! they have the "my dior" bag (the one with 2 pockets in the front of the bag) on sale too! it's just amazing really. although there's only 3 dior bags on sale so far, but there's tonnes of shoes up for grabs!
  4. interesting ..thanks dear for the heads up =)
  5. dammit! i dont see it anymore. sold out =(
  6. Love the shoes :drool:
  7. :sad:
    eeeep! poor groupie, i'll trade you the romantique for your paddy. :graucho:
  8. hahahah DEAL, woman! DEAL!!!!

    but methinks u might regret it rawkstar... the new trotter be gawwwguus!!!!!
  9. Oh no wonder I couldn't access the pages...they were sold out!!! :sad:
  10. oh no! that was really fast! when i last checked the page, the trotter romantique flap was sold out, but the romantique shoulder bag and the "my dior" bag with 2 front pockets were still available. it seems like all 3 bags are now gone. :sad:

    nonetheless, the shoes are still there. and from the deals&steals forum, it seems like holts is having their designer sale right now!
  11. :cursing::wtf:

    NM just emailed me to say they've been unable to process my order because they need additional information!? this is ridiculous, i've bought things off their site before without any hassle and suddenly, when i really want to get this romantique, they are withholding my order! :shrugs:

    to top it off, NM sent me another email telling me that the MJ dress i ordered is out of stock, so they can't send me one. this is absolutely mad! i'm so pissed off with NM right now, and if they're going to cancel my order for that trotter romantique, i think i'm just going explode. :smash::censor::mad:
  12. Oh zerodross, I hope your bag order goes through fine!!!!!!!! Fingers crossed!!!!!!! What a great deal!
  13. I went to Dior yesterday and did not see TROTTER ROMANTIQUE FLAP bag on sale?? In fact none of the bags in the Trotter Romantique line was on private sale or sale. :crybaby: Man, that's one I want to get.

    But I did pre-order the Dior Flight Small Zipped Pochette.:yes:
  14. :sad:
    oh nos! i'm so sorry to hear that foxy_chao! it's so odd, because the neiman private sale site had 2 of the new trotter romantique range on sale - the small flap bag (i.e. the one in my avatar) on sale for $707 (from $1010) and the small shoulder bag.

    perhaps you could ask the canadians. holt is having a sale right now (40%) and maybe they'd have the trotter romantique on sale.

    but :yahoo::yahoo: on your dior flight pochette! please do post pictures of it when you receive it! i'm sure all of us here would love to have a look at it!
  15. hi sharbear, yup, called em up and gave em hell. they somehow managed to omit the first 3 digits of the billing address - hence the snafu with the credit card company not allowing the order to go through. :rolleyes: anyway they've promised to ship it out by 5th december latest, but i've got to wait just a bit more for my friend to mail it to me over here in the uk. :sweatdrop:

    oh yeah, by the way, have you received the dior detective that you bought on ebay from another pfer?