Dior Mascara help

  1. So I followed everybody's advice and reviews and bought the Diorshow mascara from sephora.
    I'm not sure how to describe it but I'm sure that most can understand what I'm trying to explain. Within an hour, the mascara had rubbed from my eyelashes onto my lower eyelid (like under the lower eylashes)

    I'm not sure if this happened because it isn't waterproof. But this doesn't happen when I use cheap brand mascara like maybelline.

    Does anybody know a trick on how to stop this from happening? I even used eye concealer underneath my eye and it still rubbed off.
  2. I heard to get the mascara primer and that should fix that issue.
  3. Yep, primer!
  4. Hmm... I use DiorShow as well in the regular formula, but haven't experienced smearing. What I do after I apply the mascara onto my lashes is I will use a tissue to blot. I put the tissue under my eyes and then close my eyes to get the excess mascara off.
  5. I use DiorShow Blackout and this doesn't happen to me. I would think primer will do the trick but you might also want to try dusting a coat of translucent powder (or regular pressed powder) onto your lashes in between coats. I have heard this also helps create thicker lashes.
  6. Use loose powder on the lower lash area.
  7. I had to do this with Diorshow too. I would get globs of it beneath the lashline and not realize it until I blinked and it smeared :s
  8. did you buy diorshow or diorshow blackout? because i've had some smearing with the blackout but not with regular diorshow, once it dries. like some other people said, try some loose powder. the primer probably works but i've never personally tried it.
  9. This is the one i bought - Diorshow Mascara/Black 090

    Is there a specific type/color of loose powder to use? The only loose powder costmetics I have is bare minerals eyeshadow and concealer.
  10. Diorshow looked amazing on me. The staying power? Terrible. Both the waterproof and non waterproof version made a smudgey mess on my face. It was terrible. I returned it & have found better!
  11. Which mascara did you find better?
  12. Anyone notice the strong smell as well?? I really do love mine but am thinking of changing up a bit.

  13. i got this last saturday and so far have used it this whole week. volumewise, it's great, but for some reason, my eyes felt stingy when i have this on. also, i didn't like the fact that it uncurled my lashes after application. maybe i just need to practice some more? still thinking whether to return it or keep it.
  14. ^ Yeah! Diorshow irritates the hell out of my eyes and I'm convinced the fragrance is why. I've heard that Blackout doesn't have it so I might try that next. I like the way Diorshow looks, but IDK if it's worth the extra money for me :shrugs:...
  15. i am absolutely in love with fresh's supernova mascara. its nice and glossy and the brush is nice too. i used diorshow once and have not tried it again. i felt it got clumpy fast?

    i use smashbox's lash primer under it and it works well. :tup: