Dior Malice Watch Straps

  1. Hi ,

    Does anyone know where I can view and order Dior Malice watch straps?

    Thanks! :nuts:
  2. Hi shaolin,

    I haven't a clue either, but I'm also looking for replacement straps for my malice watch. I think it might be worth a shot ringing up dior and asking them about it. I do recall seeing the straps being sold separately when i bought my malice (in the DFS store in asia) but I'm not sure if they still have it. Perhaps a watch store stocking dior watches might have it.
  3. Thanks,

    The jewellers here in London have a catalogue but they say they usually cant get hold of most of the straps!

    Will keep searching!
  4. Go to Dior Boutique and ask for malice strap. There are a lot of variuos strap in the stock. The thin normal one cost from 45 pounds upto the most expensive crystal one 275 pounds.
  5. Harrods also have them in stock too. I hope my answer may help :smile:
  6. Hi zerodross, any luck on the Malice straps. do you know how much they go for in Asia? Thanks
  7. ^ thanks vicky for the info! between hearing that harrods has the straps in stock and chrystalline saying there's a lizard rebelle & python gaucho in the boutique, i seriously need to plan a trip down to london badly. if only for krispy kreme.

    and lucidbabe, i wouldn't be in asia till march/april. but i'll report back once i get the lowdown on the straps in asia. from what i can recall, the straps were probably in the SGD$180ish-200ish region which is about 60+ pounds or uhm, USD$100 thereabouts?
  8. I got 2 straps from Bicester Outlet yestetday for bargain 50% off retail and there are a lot of styles available there also included Chris47 straps.
  9. !

    whereabouts is this bichester outlet if you don't mind me asking, vicky? does the outlet stock bags too, like those outlets in the US?
  10. I was just there yesterday! I have heard about an outlet in Oxford but didn't really think much about it until I saw the pics from the US outlets.

    THe UK outlet is in Bicester Village in Oxfordshire. Here's the website:
    Bicester Village - Welcome. It's 2 hours from our part of London.

    There's a few Malice straps there so I think you could always give them a call if they have the strap you want.

    The bags there were OK, I would still say judging from the pics in the US outlets, the US ones are better. From what I could remember, the bags they had were the shearling flight, hardcore, street chic, a brown detective bag, logo bags like the boston girly. The prices are good, most are down 50%, there's even a bag that's 80% off but the base price was around £3000 - so at £600 it was still very expensive.
  11. Yeah! The US outlet has got better Dior bags.