Dior malice watch strap

  1. Hi, this is my first posting here. I need a new strap for my watch, it has a mother of pearl face and diamond numbers. Cant seem to find a new strap!!
  2. hi lazydaisy,

    the watch straps as far as i know aren't only display usually. but if you have any dior store near you, give them a ring or visit them and ask the SA if they have any in stock. i've always had to do that and usually the stores would at least have some standard ones (black, diorissimo print, white, etc) in the backroom. if you're in the UK, PFers have mentioned that you can find some malice straps at the bicester village dior outlet, i think someone (Chrystalline perhaps?) mentioned seeing a silver python malice strap there when she went to visit the outlet store.

    i know a PFer here on the dior board has TONNES AND TONNES of malice watch straps, perhaps try doing a search for "malice watch strap" on the board and see if anything comes up (if memory serves me right there should be one or two of these threads) and if you can find the PFer, maybe drop her a PM and ask her where she got her straps from. :yes:

    good luck with the hunt!