Dior makeup

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  1. My best friend gave me this as a Xmas gift yesterday:


    which is fabulous!:yahoo: and the woman at the Dior stand said that you can use it as a face powder, or eye shadow individually!

    any ideas which is best??
  2. i have this and i ADORE IT! i use it to highlight my cheekbones everyday, well i use the top two colours, then i sometimes use the bottom two as eyeshadows :biggrin: brill gift btw
  3. I agree! I tried it on today as a powder and it is perfect!!
  4. What a great friend.
  5. I love dior makeup, esp the blush. Great friend you have :smile:
  6. i know! I also have the backstage makeup, which has the DIORSHOW mascara and the DiorKiss lip-gloss! ;)
  7. i don't wear much makeup in general, but i love dior lip glosses. but that compact looks so pretty! i kinda want one, even though i probably won't use it much.
  8. i also LOVE the lip glosses. Havent tried the compact, but it looks AWESOME!
  9. I think I will go and try the compact since I LOVE the lip gloss