Dior Makeup?

  1. Does anyone do the Dior Diva thing?

    From the Dior website:


    Spend $100 – and earn these little beauty essentials: travel sizes of DiorKiss Gloss, Diorshow Mascara, and a deluxe Dior fragrance mini – all in a mini Dior shopping bag.

    Super DIVA

    Spend $200 – and earn these glamorous additions to your beauty life: a full-size Diorshow Mascara for “catwalk” eyes – plus a Dior Couture-designed makeup pouch.
    Mega DIVA

    Spend $400 – and earn a special makeup palette inspired by the latest Dior Couture Collections – filled with fabulous runway colors for eyes, lips and cheeks.

    Ultra-Ultra DIVA

    Spend $600 – and earn a pink zippered hatbox filled with full sizes of some of our bestselling products: Diorshow Mascara, Dior Addict Ultra-Gloss in Lick of Taffy and 2-Colour Eyeshadow in Diorstyle. How fabulous!

    The Ultimate DIVA

    Spend $1,200 – and earn the ultimate in luxury: a beauty kit in an exclusive Dior Couture design. Inside, full sizes of Dior beauty must-haves.


    I'm sooooo curious as to what the rewards actually look like. What does "exclusive Dior Couture design" mean on the ultimate diva? Like, a purse??

  2. Hmmm...someone buy them and post pictures for us!
  3. yes i have and i love!
  4. Jessica - pictures please!
  5. HEY GALS!

    The "exclusive Dior Couture Design" bag is just a cosmetics bag with the Dior logo print (right now it comes in the Dior Flight logo denim scheme), but it's not actually made by the fashion side of Dior. I owned one before and had to sell it because it felt so cheap compared to my handbags (it was a pink trotter cosmetics bag and the white parts were clearly vinyl, not patent leather).

    Here's a pic that I took before I sold it:

    They say "couture" almost as if they wanted to deceive you into believing that you'll get a piece of Haute Couture, but you just get a fashion accessory that's made by Parfums Christian Dior.

    All those things they say about the levels just means this: If you buy over $100, you get one of the bonuses that you can get if you buy 2 or more Dior products (or over $40 worth of products in Canada). If you spend more, you get real full size products. And if you spend over $1200 (and you can get a real Dior handbag at this price instead of cosmetics and creams that cost pennies to mass produce), you get this cosmetics bag. I'd much rather just buy a Dior handbag at this price.
  6. I only have DiorShow Mascara.. I haven't tried anything else.
  7. I love dior makeup! I swear by it. But is that dior diva thing only for the dior boutique? Because i usually buy it from Sephora.
  8. Thanks for the information MayDay
  9. Thanks! I was so curious.
  10. Hi J'aime_Vuitton!

    You can actually inquire about this program at any Dior counter in any department store. And Saks Fifth Avenue and Neiman Marcus carries these so-called Dior "couture" sets and they cost around $200-$250.
  11. :roflmfao: hehe May, i think i'm now really getting an idea of how much makeup you have - i thought you were just kidding when you said you have enough makeup to do up every girl in the world. :p:p (kidding!)

    wow, that dior "couture" is kinda a rip-off. i'd rather just spend my 40 pounds and get the cute black d'trick mirror they are giving away free!

    speaking of which, remember the nude/lace cosmetics bag you posted about? well i found it here (PLENTY OF THEM!) at the DFS in singapore - they're selling it as a gift set consisting of the bag + dior addict 2 (100ml) + dior addict 2 (body cream) for about SGD$100+ which is about 30+ pounds. sooo tempting except i already have the dior addict 2 and i'm not even halfway through the bottle. :sad:
  12. I saw something which looked very much like that pink bag up there with the number 1 on it at the Dior outlet in Orlando yesterday. I think it was $100-something, can't recall.
  13. Thanks MayDay!
    Another question for the diva program. When it said spent the amount of money in one year, does it mean the first date of purchased or the calender year(06 only or 07 only)
  14. Thanks for the tip! They had a special makeup artist from Dior at the Dior counter at our Macy's this past weekend. If you sat through their class, they gave out a complimentary Dior beauty makeup bag and larger makeup case. Its nothing special (not nearly as pretty as the one Mayday had:smile: ) as its just a black microfiber set that says Dior Beauty on it, but its really convenient for makeup items. I used the smaller one to replace the current makeup bag I carry in my purse (I was using a Cameron Nicole coin purse/clutch) and the larger zip case for the rest of my stuff that I keep at home. It came with a couple of travel sized skin care products and perfume samples. I thought it was pretty cool considering that no purchase was required...just sitting through the class. I did buy a Diorshow mascara though and the most gorgeous Dior lip gloss in a shimmery rosy apricot shade...The makeup is very nice though something they used near my eye area (not sure if it was the shadow or the concealer/primer) made me break out in a slightly burning rash. :sad: If you have a Dior counter in a department store nearby, you could try asking about this type of event. For reference, I was at the Dior counter in Macy's Ala Moana in Hawaii. :smile:
  15. Thanks!It's cute!