dior makeup bag?

  1. Does anyone know where I can get the silver dior makeup bag? I think it's from a couple seasons ago and you could only get it if you purchased a certain amount? Think I could get an authentic one on eBay?
  2. Hi leesh!

    I'm not sure which Parfums Dior bag you're referring to (silver...hmmm...you mean the Dior bags with a chain and star, or the Dior clutches with the belt wrapping around?). But so far I haven't seen any fake Dior cosmetic bags (as in Parfums Dior cosmetic bags) on eBay, so you're pretty safe. But don't pay too much for these bags...some sellers charge over $50 for them although you can get a perfume and some makeup with the bag at that price.
  3. do u mean a silver clutch with a solid gold ribbon at the opening? i have one...but i dont use it at all
  4. hmmm I think it's silver with dior in white writing, just a regular cosmetic pouch...i'm not sure about the chain or star... :/
  5. [​IMG] Or this? :smile:
  6. nope, both aren't :sad: hmmmmmm
  7. [​IMG]
    Is this close? :smile:
  8. Does it come in a smaller size? I think my sis in law's is smaller than that...but it looks similar :s Is that the only one they came out with that's silver with white writing?
  9. ive got one which has two zipped compartments in so like two zips each with a compartment if you get what i mean :S
  10. I don't think that's like it either :wondering
  11. the one which has a snap closure instead?
  12. It was definetly zip
  13. ok then never mind..i was thinking of taking a picture of mine for u but it's a snap closure..

  14. I loooove it .. SOOOOOOOO cute...
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