Dior make-up

  1. Hi!
    I bought Dior's Diorskin Airflash today .It's spray foundation, something I've never used before...:shrugs:
    Does anyone else have used this one or any other spray foundation?Would love to hear your experience and thoughts!
  2. Hi, i must agree that dior airflash is very good. in fact, it's one of my favourite foundations. i also LOVE dior skinflash. it's like radiance in a pen! well, clarins flash balm creates something similar too..but that's for the WHOLE face.
  3. I always see Carmindy from what not to wear use it (spray foundation) and always wanted to try it. She sprays it on a triangle sponge and then applies it.
  4. thx!I'm sure that spraying it over the whole face will end up to a :cursing:
  5. I used it and I have to say it finishes quite fast!

    Pull your hair back with a hair band (u dont want any on your hair) and spray in "S" on your face.

    It looks great on.
  6. is this a TV show?
  7. BTW, I have the Dior Beauty Confidential pallette and I think it is the best blush ever!perfect color!
  8. Yes, its a TV show. :smile: I think its on friday nights...I can't remember. I would be afraid to just spray it directly on my face...it goes on evenly Londonbrat?
  9. Yes it actually does! I guess because its quite fine. But you have to do more than one "S"for medium coverage.
    It stays a little wet after you spray for a bit so you can blend in with a sponge of finger tips if you please.
  10. TFS!:yes:
  11. i haven't tried the spray kind but i have the powder compact from dior and love that "radiance" it gives me, shimmery, but natural shimmer. i love it!
  12. I've used Diorskin Airflash before and it's pretty good. Great for people on the go. The coverage is sheer to medium, but it takes a while to get a hang of spraying evenly to ensure your face has full coverage. I usually spray and then use a foundation brush (recommended to me by a Dior makeup artist) to blend. Now I use Chanel Vitalumiere foundation and love this more (oil-free and contains SPF 15).
  13. I was asking for this foundation brush, but they didn't know what it was!can you post a pic so that I can see what it looks like?:yes:
  14. Hi venetiakim:yes: !!!! My BF used it and she told me it was great but finished very quickly. She also told me that it is a bit more expensive than regular makeup. She also sprayed it on her palms and then applied it to her face. That's all i know....
  15. It is more expensive indeed but after all theese years of trying the more cheap ones and seeing no results, I thought :hysteric:Hey I should try a more expensive one!!! After all it's Dior.You go wrong with Dior!:yes: