Dior lovers - Show us your non-Dior purchases!

  1. [​IMG]

    ^The bird's beak that looks like a play button. ;)
  2. OK, I want this one


    and this one


    and I definitely want this one


    I think its the only LV design that I :heart: so much:drool:
  3. That's the one where the dark background on the dial of the watch actually glows in the dark! Cool, huh? :drool:
  4. OH hahaha little birdie makes nary a squeak though :roflmfao:
  5. Nat, aren't those just gorgeous! They're not on the LV web site anymore though... :sad:
  6. Eminere, I really love your taste in accessories! Your LV pieces are stunning, as are your non-Dior scarves/ties.

    OMG that LV Tambour Tourbillon is to die for...well, as is the Dior Christal Tourbillon. I love how all the LV symbols form the wheels and gears in the watch.
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    A V-Day pres from the beloved fiance... with a pic in tiny vision:shrugs:
    lvs.jpg lvs2.jpg
  8. Awwh thanks AJ :heart:

    The Tambour Tourbillon is really a masterpiece of aesthetics and function, isn't it? A worthy adversary to the Christal Tourbillon. ;)
  9. Gosh love your limited edition LV pieces! :faint:
  10. Gorgeous, pegasus! :drool:
  11. awe your such a lucky lady and your fiance is very thoughtful.
  12. Thanks Eminere, Elsie, & LaMissy! Now a really stupid question for when I get all of my bags photographed with good pics and not mugshots... how do you insert large pics??? I used to link off a website I own, but that does not seem to work anymore. I know you veterans will know the answer!
  13. This watch is cute, I wouldnt say no! :drool:


  14. have you tried photobucket. just sign up, upload and post the links here for us to enjoy ;)

    and OMG you have the leather indy, snap! I have the black normal Indy :love: