Dior Lovely Tote Price in HongKong

  1. Hi. This is my first post here... Today I went to Bloomingdale's Doir counter and I am sooooo in love of the Dior Lovely Tote Medium. [​IMG]
    It has a price tag of $690. Does anybody know how much it costs in HK? Does HK usually have better price than US? I am going to HK next month and would appreciate any info...
  2. No clue but it's a pretty purse. And I don't think it's too pricy.
  3. Anyone has dior hk email?
  4. I found the Dior to be a little more expensive in HK than in the US (this was in the airport btw). Gucci and LV is cheaper, but Dior is a little more.
  5. Thank you apple for your reply... :heart: