Dior Logo shopper on sale saks

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  1. Gone. Hope someone here got it.
  2. gone again~ why am I always minutes late?:push:
  3. i always miss it. and i have purse forum up all day long! boo =/
  4. That's a crazy deal.
  5. that's one dior bag that i like
  6. It's back!
  7. did anyone here get it?
  8. I have it in my cart but I think I'm going to release it. Good deal, but not really my style.
  9. ahhhhhh, i'm too late. :sad:
  10. how much was the original price?
  11. tried to do an in-store search for this item but apparently, it's sold out.. online and in-store.. bummer!
  12. oh boo its gone :sad:
  13. Aww it's gone ;-;
  14. I hope it comes back! Such a cute bag and you can't beat the price!