Dior logo saddle pouch

  1. Does anyone out there have the logo saddle pouch? Is is tiny? Help!!!:confused1:
  2. It is not really 'tiny', but it is almost the size of a pochette(sorry I own more LV then dior). I don't carry alot, but can easily fit a small wallet, small agenda, chapstick, phone, and gum-without it being too bulky
  3. here is a pic of mine with all the stuff I am put into it without it looking overly stuffed. you might be able to determine from that if it will work for you.
    in the bag.jpg
  4. I have one and I'd say it's the same size as my LV Mono Pochette. I'ts roomy enough for a small wallet, a compact, a lipgloss, a key and a small cell phone.