~Dior Logo Saddle Pouch

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  1. I was thinking of getting one.
    Do you guys have any experience of that bag? Is the material and quality good? Is the color alternatives only black,blue and pink?
    All information is welcome.
    Thanks! :idea::P
  2. It also comes in light baby blue, but it is only released to the Paris Dior boutiques within the department stores. Well at least that was what they told me when I bought it. The material is coated canvas so is not as durable as leather but it's nice to look at. It doesn't hold much so you'll have to determine what's important to go in.

  3. Hi Shiri..I have it in the black and I love it...but because of the odd shape it doesn't that much. It is so unique though and it is something pretty uncommon compared to other bags ( in my opinion)
  4. i love the shape of them they're sooo pretty!
  5. Logo Saddle pouch
    - Burgundy fabric
    - Navy blue fabric with gold hardware
    - Black fabric(black& white) with gunmetal hardwear
    - All black logo fabric ( brand new one)
    - Pink canvas
    - Navy blue canvas
    - Beige with flower embro. canvas ( Vintage flowers collections)
    - Navy blue and light blue( Flight collections fabric)

    Most of them are 250 except New all black is around 270
    and vintage flowers is 350

    I think it's cute for go out at night. The bag too small,it can be nice
    if you will carry only cell phone and mini wallet.

    Very durable, not many parts to be broken easy. Will last you long time compare to others Dior mini bags.
  6. Okay.
    I didn't know that it's so petite that it holds only like cellphone and mini wallet. :O
    But it's okay, I'm determined to have that bag.
  7. I think it's super cute, even if it is small, and it's large enough to take out for a night. I think it's actually larger capacity wise than the diorissimo pochette, or at least it seemed that way when I was looking at them in the store. Good luck on your hunt ! ;)
  8. Shiri its very cute and you have many color options!:love:
    Which one were you thinking of?
  9. :evil: My friend has one and the stitching is starting to come undone and she doesn't even use it that much...

    Personally, I don't think the 'feel' of the canvas is very luxurious and doesn't seem to be worth the money. Just my opinion!;)