dior logo saddle colours - same?

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  1. hi, this might sound kind of dumb but are these bags the same colour with different lighting or are they two separate colours? thank you so much!


  2. yes dear its the same color .. Blue ...
  3. haha, i was thinking one looked a bit lighter than the other but i guess it's just the way the pictures were taken and someone had told me saddle bags come in different shades of blue, among other colours.

    thanks so much chloe :heart:
  4. ur so welcome dear...

    logo canvas came in Blue .. black *actually veeeeeery dark blue* ..beige ..RED * dont know it it was real/fake,im not expert in their logo canvas LOL* ..it came also in liiight green/olivish shade
  5. oh and pink, right? :smile: my friend has one, pretty cute
  6. pink came in a few versions ... girly(1st pic in post #7) + plain logo+ another modified version of dior girly ( 2nd pic in the following post)...

    she has plain logo? with flowers??
  7. [​IMG]

  8. [​IMG]

    pink saddle pouch .. 2nd bag, lower row, right side ... LOVE IT ... also it came in diorissimo as shown in the pic

    credit: sandra's LOVELY diors
  9. Such a beautiful bag :smile:
  10. you have a great dior bag collection chloe! :love:

    and she has a pink logo saddle just like yours :smile:
  11. I think the second one is more like it irl.