Tech Dior Logo Flowers Cell Phone Case

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  1. hehe, thought this was soooooo cute so I bought it last night. Not a HUGE purchase or anything, but just thought I'd share. I love this print and its hard to find something that will accommodate how effin wide ther razr is :lol:

  2. very cute. i wanted to buy a case for my phone too, but they are all too big. anyone seen a really small cell phone case? i have a siemens sl65.
  3. oh dats very nice! ive bought several of cases over the years but can never be bothered to use them sucha hassle for me hehe
  4. Am a sucker for pink ..that is to cute
  5. Wow... I like that cell phone case holder. It's really cute! Great choice, Noriko!

    Have you guys seen the new cell phone holders by LV? It's the white multicolor one.
  6. Nevermind, they are only for ipods. lol