Dior Logo Charms Bag..... does anyone have it??

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  1. Hi! I wanted to buy this bag, its way cute and pretty cheap for dior, only $400 on eluxury. But before I get it I wanted to see what it would like on. Does anyone own one, or have a picture holding it so I can get an idea of what it really looks? Is it hard to keep the hardware clean? Sorry, I just don't want to buy it and it not be as cute in person. Thanks!:smile:

  2. I don't own one- but I am actually planning on buying one for my bday (4/15). I think the bag is adorable
  3. I know! I love how the handle says dior down the side. I like how you can wear it with casual clothes, like jeans, or dress it up.
  4. it's nice