Dior Libertine

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  1. I've just discovered the Dior Libertine black! My God, I can't think about too much else at the moment (other than LV and Chanel lol). I think I'm obsessed with this bag - I don't think I've been this crazy before. Anyone else love it?:love:
  2. I love this bag! I saw it in a print ad in the new Vanity Fair magazine yesterday, and I'm completely obsessed with it. Whats the MSRP? Where is it available for purchase?
  3. I live in Toronto, Canada and this bag costs $2300 here.
  4. thank you for the price info!
  5. Oooh I'm glad you like the bag too...here in Italy it's 1,700 euro! But it's to die for, that's for sure!:drool::yes:
  6. What a lot of people don't know is that its dual-layers of leather...

    meaning its soft Lamb Skin leather outside and even inside the bag, not a lot of handbags or brands have all lamb skin leather inside.

    Very light and buuuuuuuttery soft!

    PM if you need more detailed pictures or prices.
  7. wow, sooo beautiful! only if i could afford it! i have been obsessed with dior for the past couple of years and stalk purseforum because of dior!
  8. Thanks aclineo! Eva Mendez would make anything look fabulous, but the Libertine - WOW! Still wondering how I can push the budget...:thinking:
  9. Catdance, me too! it's so gorgeous...i'm going to start saving up now. no more eating out lol
  10. Good for you diorme! I wish I had that discipline...I'm still eating chocolate! I keep looking at it online - I think it will be a beautiful piece that will never date.:drool: there has to be a way to get this bag :thinking:
  11. Bottega-Veneta, you make it sound absolutely luscious! i've also always wanted a bit of equestrian in my closet :biggrin:

    Catdance, i'm a chocoholic too :blush: i'm not doing as well as you may think lol i have a DBF that loves to eat (and so do i!). for some reason, i'm constantly craving sushi! besides for his birthday and Christmas coming up, i'm going to try not to buy anything more. or else i will heavily hint that this bag would be a fantastic gift :angel:

    i'm quite torn between black and brown though... :confused1: i want to shy away from black because i have a lot of black in the closet and i have a few black handbags but i'm still afraid of leaving this black sanctuary lol i've never had brown! hmm, perhaps i'd be able to make a better decision by seeing and wearing this bag in person
  12. I can't stop eating either. I keep blaming the weather, but seriously the amount I eat, I'd have to be living in the Arctic circle :lol: I have no discipline at all!

    I know what you mean about the colour choice, but if you :heart: it in black, then do black. I think it would still be drop dead gorgeous in brown as I think it's one of the the most gorgeous bags I've ever seen. You really should go in and play with them both before deciding! Good luck with the hints, I hope your BF picks up on it for you - what a wonderful surprise that would be Christmas morning :yahoo: