Dior leather tote - retail price?

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  1. Hi guys

    I've been eyeing this beauty on an auction site, but I'd like to know what the retail price is ... does anyone know that? Is it a Lady Dior tote?

  2. Ugggh, I dont know...but get it ! :graucho:
  3. It is very nice ... I'm keeping a good eye on the auction - I'm very tempted but the problem is that even if the price is quite low all kinds of fees are added so it's a bit difficult to calculate the final price. We'll see just how tempted I get :biggrin:
  4. ahem, where is this site? :biggrin:
  5. i dont know the retail price either but it looks beautiful. i agree with nat that tote looks definatly worse the buy ;)
  6. Ok - I got very tempted ... placed a bid - and got it! :yahoo: With fees and postage etc. it is just around 1100 USD so not too bad, but probably not exactly the greatest bargain either :smile: I'm guessing that the retail price was at least 2000 USD, hope I'm right about that ... (since that's what I told DH when I had to persuade him that it was a good price! :graucho:)

    Good thing I have just sold my Prada, that I never used, for 850 USD :biggrin:

    Can't wait to get it - it looks gorgeous and just right for work!
  7. that bags means business! congrats hun!!
    when it arrives - modeling pics please! ;)
  8. Lucky you for winning. Congratulations.
  9. Wooot ! as soon as I get rid of my cold ( yes, I am still sick) Im coming over to celebrate ! ;):graucho:

  10. OT but hun, love your avatar ! :love:
  11. Hope you get better soon! :hugs: Some of those colds can seem to last forever, very annoying ... DH also has the sniffles etc. which was to expect when he started working in the kindergarten - I hope he gets rid of it before I catch it too!

    Of course you should come celebrate - look forward to it :yahoo:
  12. I noticed that one too - so cute! :love:
  13. Hehe, thanks Natalia and Black_Swarmer. I change my icon everday I login, and my theme for the week is cats...just because.
    Black_Swarmer, I look forward to seeing pics of your new beauty when she arrives.
  14. Lovely bag Black - ooh now I want one!! Bad girl for enabling bad thoughts in my head!! (as if I need encouraging!!).

    Look forward to seeing photoes when your bag arrives.
  15. congratulation on your new bag i can't wait to see the reveal
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