Dior Large Gaucho available on elux now!

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  1. Yay!
  2. I'm confused..." should i get it or should i don't" debat coz i don't really love it...oohh dilemma dilemma

    Edit: I pass.. don't really like the look.. the strap is too long.. :sad:
  3. I like that bag. I want that bag in dark red. Must come up with $2,000.
  4. Also... LOTSSS OF FENDI B BAG AVAILABLE!!!!!!!!!!
  5. Huh? If you don't LOVE it, you don't get it!
    Alas, I LOVE it but am not getting it, not paying 2Gs for a handbag
  6. Yeah.. I agree.. that's alot of money... I like it in white.. now, that's a great valentine's day gift!
  7. i like the tote style a lot better, i wonder if it's more or less expensive. hmm.
  8. No extra $$$ to spare right now...sniff
  9. The tote is $1595 and should be available in March....this is what I was told by Dior on Sunday.
  10. What tote? pic anyone?
  11. That is resonablly priced. :P
  12. nice! I was wondering when they'd hit elux. I don't know if I care for it from the sideview, but other than that its hot!
  13. yup totally agree, sideview is pretty ugly.
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