Dior Karenina exotics and other treasures!

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  1. Oh that one... Yeah the description just says "in fur"... It looks to me like the pattern was either pressed or pleated.
  2. love the astrakhan and the fox best but they are ALL gorgeous!
  3. The matte crocodile bags are my fave from the pics posted. They're a gorgeous looking bag.
  4. Dior Jazzclub in croc-embossed leather

    anybody no the price?
  5. Thanks for sharing.. STUNNING !!!
  6. beautiful!!!
  7. :tup: GORGEOUS!!!!
  8. yes it does!!

    I recently acquired the Dior Avenue in soft croc in black. I really love it!! Very roomy and functional! :heart::heart:

    I looked at the Karenina in croc as well, but decided against it because it didn't suit my style.

    Now that I have the Dior Avenue, I'm a little hesitant to get LV's croc neverfull since they are so similar...

    I'm thinking about starting a Dior picturebook thread.. if I do, I will make sure to post more pictures and action shots of the Dior Avenue!

  9. OMG stunning acquisition I love it!!! :drool: Is that the croc-skin model or croc-embossed calf?
  10. OMG :faint:

    Yeh! Vernilover, a Dior picture book! Please please please! :woohoo:
  11. thanks! it is the croc-skin model! :heart:
  12. Lovely bag, vernilover ! :heart:

    emi does Dior avenue come in croc embossed version too?:confused1:
  13. Goodness it's to die for! :drool: Congrats again!
  14. You know, I'm not sure about that... :shrugs:

  15. thats ok, just my own curiosity...Unless I sell my kidney or all my other bags no chance for the real croc uuugh