Dior Karenina exotics and other treasures!

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  1. what are the pricing, almost afraid to ask?
  2. I only have prices for the following:

    Dior Babe in natural python - US$6,550
    Large Dior Karenina in shiny and aged leathers - US$2,400 / £1,375
    Medium Dior Karenina in shiny and aged leathers - US$2,385
    Small Dior Karenina in shiny and aged leathers - £1,150

  3. Somebody please tell me that this bag comes in black :shame:
  4. It probably does!
  5. OMG I LOVE FUR BAGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:yahoo:
  6. I like Karenina in soft and vintage leather. Is this good for guy?
  7. I personally wouldn't mind a large size in matte crocodile or soft aged leather :drool:

    The outline shape of the bag sorta reminds me of a HAC.
  8. [​IMG]

    these are my faves:nuts:
  9. hansyu - I want the petrole blue matt croc so bad you have no idea :drool: :lol:
  10. Oooohh just found this frame bag in embroidered velvet:


    And in mink and leather:

  11. I absolutely love these bags! Thanks for posting! The materials are amazing! :drool: (however, the karakul pelt is always a little sickening thinking about how it's obtained.. oh well..)

    Is the fur one embossed fur? Honestly I don't like fur bags mostly, but that white mink one was really nice.
  12. Which embossed fur one are you referring to? :smile:
  13. Wow, they are all sooooo beautiful. Thanks so much for posting!
  14. I like the soft aged leather:smile:
  15. Maybe it's not embossed after all? It's a little hard to see which technique thye used on it.