Dior Kabuki Bag

  1. I have fallen for the Dior Kabuki Bag. You know the woven one with the tortoise snake handles. Does anyone think it is worth the price?
  2. Do you mean the samourai?


    I like the bag but not enough to pay US $3900 :wtf:
  3. I've read that lots of people here think this bags collection looks odd... As if John (yes, I call him John, he's my buddy ..!) was getting less inspired, or better, as he was being hold back by the managers and owners staff.

    I've been looking at the pics of show reported on Vogue.fr, and I must admit that, despite of my usual addiction to dior's clothes, this season has a strong whiff of Vionnet style, back from the 20s... :shocked:.

    Anyway, I've just found out a few stuff I'd be glad to wear, like these shoes (attached below) ...

    ... but haven't thought of any circumstances yet...:graucho:
    diorshoes1.jpg diorshoes2.jpg
  4. lol i call him Johnny and i dont even know him ! ;) in all fairness these are the anniversary bags and are called Samurai 1947, so i am not surprised he went back to the past for inspiration for the bags and the collection. I find them oozing timeless elegance and if i could afford it and led a certain type of life i would definitely buy them ... *dreamy eyes*
  5. ... and he's not the only one. Must be a strong trend in the fashion biz, regarding celine, miu miu and prada's recent shows, for exemple.

    I'm not mad about these very structured bags (sorry if you don't use this word in english, but the actual term in french is structuré. Haven't found any better translation, sorry for my lack of knowledge), but they're definitely the "it" of the season.

    P.S. I don't know him either, and we're likely to keep ingnorant of each other for the rest of our lives :cool:
  6. is it possible that they are all running out of ideas ? :smile: i mean at least Johnny G is justified to source from past as its the anniversary, but others are just slacking i say ! ;)

    its structured in English as well:yes: i dont actually mind if the bag is structured or not, as long as it speaks to me, but i know what you mean ! ( est-ce que nous avons une Francaise ici finalement? une parisienne? si oui, on prend un cafe un jour avec nos Diors peut etre? ;))

    PS. and i think its very rude of johnny to be ignorant of you like that ! :nuts:
  7. oh, you do too! Someone should definitely have a word with John(ny). We can't carry on like that!

    I live pretty far from Paris, but I go there sometimes. And I'd love to meet you ! I'm looking forward to seeing your full Dior collection (including shoes!) laid out.:graucho: Do you think Concord Square will be large enough, or shall we rather meet at the Invalides Esplanade??? :nuts:

  8. writing an official complaint about J.G. to Dior this minute ! ;)

    i was actually thinking of booking Palais de Chaillot and doing the show off there :supacool:! im moving over to Denmark in two weeks but i`ll PM you as soon as i know when i will be there again !
  9. wasn't too keen about the samurai bags when the pictures from the runway first came out, i still wasn't all that keen when i saw the pictures on eluxury, etc. but lo and behold, i stepped into the store last week and was, to some extent, bowled over. the colours were very vibrant (and not tacky) and the detailing looks so much better, the weaved pattern and overall make of the bag looks really good too. it definitely looks much more stunning IRL in my opinion but the price scares me.

    and :roflmfao: about the nat's shoes display. you need to charge entrance fees for viewing your shoe collection.

  10. exactly the same feelings about it ! but then if you look at chanel prices for regular lines not LE, it doesnt look that bad...there is a question of not being as versatile as chanels as well though...

    honey only PF members will be let in free of charge! :heart:
  11. i personally love the bag. its very artsy...:biggrin: like it deserves to sit inside a bag museum
  12. I love this bag too until I put it on my arm. It's too heavy for me. I sooo need to find a new Dior bag. I'ven't bought a new bag for a long time. :push: I need a fuchsia bag.:heart:
  13. how about the fuschia bag from the dior ethnic range? i'm sure pictures of ultimatechic's new fuschia ethnic bag would sway you some. :graucho::graucho:
  14. oh so true nat! and chanel is due for a price increase i hear. i'm worried for my wallet now. y'know if we just bought say 1 chanel and 1 dior (and maybe throw in an accessory or small leather good for good measure), we could probably afford a tinny lil birkin or kelly... that's if we manage to get one from the store proper. ;)

    p/s do PFers get to touch and feel your gorgeous shoes too? :graucho:

  15. i am at this stage of despair for my kelly that i am seriously considering selling some of my bags to get that navy kelly with gh...but then i am thinking of the price and i feel the bag must be bitten up seriously and it just doesnt show on the pics ! :wtf:

    ha ! no touching or trying the shoes on ! they will be displayed in teeny tiny glass cabinets ( Johnny working on the project atm :nuts: )