Dior Jenne!

  1. Ladies,
    This is my first post. You have to see this bag!!!! :drool:
    I'm not too sure how to post a pictures yet but check out the Dior site.
    I love the off white!
  2. Oh I saw the Dior site ones and OMG! They look divine! I am loving that evening version!

    And the white one is my absolute favourite, but I also love this coppery python one which looks like armor!!!!!
  3. Sorry that I missed spelled the name of this AMAZING bag!!!

    I think that I'm going to have to purchase the Jeanne Nubuck Medium Bag.

    I'm travelling to Asia next month, I'm hoping to get it while on vacation.:s
  4. Hi Honey!!!

    Please post pics of it if you buy it!!!! I think pics can covert more of us to fall in love with the Jeanne bag!!!
  5. LOVE it!!!!!!!!!! :love:
  6. me no like so far :sad:

    zero plz ignore my comment LOL ..i know how much u ADORE them
  7. Best of luck in getting the bag :smile:
  8. it's cute!!!
    but yeah, a little bit expensive:p
  9. nice purse, but too expensive!
  10. Very pretty
  11. very nice!
  12. awww no worries Chloe, i think a lot of people still aren't sold about the jeanne. :p

    i saw those limited edition saddle bags at dior yesterday (USA, Russia & Morocco) and thought of you and your love for the India saddle. heh. ;)

    and m'dear, i'm sure you've gotten yourself one of those lovely LV dentelles, so PM me alright, when you post up a thread on them in the LV subforum. :graucho::graucho:
  13. Has anyone actually bought one of these bags. I'm really not keen, must be a disappointment for Dior after the incredible success of the Gaucho?
  14. I dont like this bag..this is punk or rather gothic style