Dior Jeans, Dior Shoes. Marc Jacobs Shirt.

  1. hope you like my new shot.
  2. is that you?
  3. Very hot :woohoo:
  4. We like it...but we need MORE ! ;)
  5. more... kk. odd.
  6. Not odd for our nat :lol:

    Looking great :tup:

  7. odd? hmmm when see something you like do you want to inspect it closely and look from different angles, or you just pout and walk away? if i see something i like i want more:wlae:...or did you want us to say we hate the pic? ;)

    ( gals pls back me up i dont want to look like a crazy pic harasser lol )
  8. (backs up nattie)

    MORE! larger pictures would do fine too. ;)
    and of course, if it wasn't already obvious, your look gets a :tup::tup: from all of us dior addicts.
  9. I want you to love them! I hope you guys don't hate me :smile: I didn't mean to use "odd" in that context sorry... I just didn't understand what you meant by GIMME MORE. I just took these from a contact sheet, so the bigger ones are not done yet :sad: no hard feelings. peace & prosperity. big up! big up! muah!
  10. well we definitely didnt mean GIMME MORE in Britney sense ( you know, drugs and Cheetos :rolleyes:) ..and as we are all well behaved decent ladies we only meant more PICS ! ;)

    Ill just shut up now wait patiently for MORE :graucho:
  11. [​IMG] yes we are

  12. somehow i just KNEW you would chime in on this one...:supacool:
  13. That was just too tempting, sorry :p

  14. but then it was kinda meant to be that way hihihi :wlae:
  15. funny ladies too :smile: xoxo