Dior Jazzclub shoes...seen on Madonna and Frances Bean within mag's!

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  1. Hello,

    Just thought I would share...here's the Elle, May 2008 edition (just got it today!) with Madonna upon the cover and inside she's wearing Dior Jazzclub shoes!

    Also, here's Frances Bean Cobain wearing them as well from a recent Harper's Bazaar mag from March 2008!

    Enjoy and best wishes, BeautifulBasics

    p.s. Get ready...I will be posting tons and tons of new pics within the "Dior Magazine/Catalog/Etc Thread" and "Dior Celeb Thread".
  2. Dior Jazzclub Shoes
    Elle Magazine, May 2008

  3. Dior Jazzclub Shoes
    Frances Bean Cobain
    Harper's Bazaar Magazine, March 2008

  4. ^ Wow! Those are so hot! Too bad there $990, maybe I'll wait till they go on sale or make it to Bluefly.com
  5. Actually, those shoes are either the Blue Angel or the Dior Swing. The Jazzclub would have the metal toggle accessory on the vamp.

    Great pictures though!
  6. ^You're right they're Blue Angel, here's a pic of the Jazzclub swingbacks. Both shoes are gorgeous.
  7. pretty snazzy :smile:
  8. Love the swingbacks!!!!:drool:
  9. all of them are :drool:
  10. woow..thwy are so hot..