Dior Jazz Club at Overstock.com

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  1. Isn't the retail price on that bag like $1950?
  2. Beautiful bag, but it's not that heavily discounted... Still, if you're after it, overstock.com is great! :smile:
  3. ^^ yeah, but it would really boost your e bates balance!
  4. Thanks for posting. It is a very cute bag. I wish Overstock would sell designer items a little bit cheaper; they never seem to have the same crazy sales that other sites have. Nonetheless, it is below retail. I have purchased Balenciaga from Overstock and have been very happy with my shopping experience.
  5. I love this bag...too bad it's still pricey!
  6. did overstock go up on their prices due to the site's popularity? I could have sworn that their prices never seem to be so "pricey"!
  7. It's a lovely bag, but still too rich for me :s
  8. yeah i think prices have gone up or at least stayed the same. i've also noticed that their advertising a lot more ...
  9. Beautiful bag but I'd have to see/touch it irl before I consider it and even then OUCH!(it would mean no more bags for a year)!