Dior Japanese Patchwork Saddle Bag

  1. Neiman Marcus
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  1. Besides the gaucho I never really saw a saddle bag that excited me until this one. Very pretty .... I'll have to restrain myself from making another purchase....
  2. I don't like the Saddlebags in general, but I absolutely adore that one! Have you seen the matching shoes on elux?

    It's very pretty. The only thing I wonder about is what I'll wear it with and whether it's somewhat limiting because of all the bright colors. I still do want it though!
  3. Yes, I did see the shoes ... very pretty too!!! I'm just not a fan of peep toes ... they were peep toes, if I'm not mistaken. This bag I think would be pretty with white slacks and a simple solid colored shirt or a pretty white dress.
  4. Yeah, I agree. You'd definitely have to wear lighter colored fare. White skirt/dress/slacks would be perfect with it! The shoes were peep-toes. I tend to like peep-toes, but definitely need a pedicure with that!

    It just reminds me of somewhere wonderfully tropical and luscious! :love:
  5. That bag is so beautiful. It kind of sucks, though, you're limited to wearing solids and lighter colors with it.
  6. Cute Bag!
  7. Oooooohhhhh, I love this one!
  8. This is really attractive to me as well, however my SA and I were discussing how it'll look like **** once it gets dirty. If you're interested, there is a 10% off going on until the end of the month at Dior. If its not nation wide, its at the Ala Moana Dior :biggrin:
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