Dior J’Adior Pumps vs Valentino Rockstuds

Dior pumps vs Valentino Rockstuds

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Jul 25, 2020
Hello all!

I’m purchasing my first designer heels and I’m debating between Dior Pumps and Valentino Rockstuds.
I think both are beautiful and comfortable. But, are Dior pumps still in style or will they be in style in 5 years? I find that Valentino Rockstuds seem to be a very classic design although it seems that it is also not as popular now. What would you recommend for a first time designer heel?
Attached are the heels that I am debating between. Let me know your thoughts. Thanks.




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May 25, 2006
New York City
You need to try them on. What we recommend may not be flattering on you compared to the other. My preference is Valentino as a whole. This brand makes shoes that are comfy for my feet.
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Jan 19, 2020
Valentino is comfortable but I don’t find the Rockstuds durable. I wore mine only twice and the patent on the heel peeled off. I’d suggest the dior if you plan to wear it often :smile:
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Jun 15, 2007
I agree that you need to try them on, see which one is more flattering and comfortable...

For being black kitten heels the styles are actually quite different - what are you planning to wear these with? How often? That, as well as how they fit with your wardrobe is also something to consider. The Diors are super versatile and easy to pair with things.

I like both styles, but it’s timelessness you are after then I’m not sure the Diors won’t look dated in 5 years time... I don’t remember when the Rockstuds came out but They have been around for about a decade and probably have more staying power.

My first designer heels were a pair of silver python Miu Miu chunky heel platforms. 16 years old and I still wear them sometimes - they are a classic shape and a bit of a statement piece. It’s difficult to recommend what you should chose as your first designer shoe - my advice would be to pick a style you love and which makes you smile whenever you put them on


Feb 7, 2009
Vancouver, BC
I have both - I find the Valentinos to be much more comfortable than the J'adior slingbacks.

J'adior slingbacks are definitely very much still in right now, but I have the same concern as you regarding whether they will stand the test of time. Valentino Rockstuds have been around for over 10 years now and aren't exactly the most hip and trendy of shoes anymore, but are definitely still a classic and will still be around in many years. It helps a lot that they are very comfortable to wear.

Over time, the wear and tear on the Valentinos will be a lot better than the J'adior because the J'adior are fabric and will be harder to clean / keep pristine. At least with leather you can wipe it clean. I haven't had any issues with the leather on mine being not durable, but I have the smooth leather versions and not the patent. I have three pairs, one of which are around 7-8 years old now and still look great.