Dior in top 5 of FT

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  1. :heart::heart::heart: galliano. everytime i look at his s/s 06 line i am awestruck (not to mention his older collections when he first joined dior from givenchy).

    oddly enough, i prefer the new versace under donatella over the old versace when gianni versace was around.

    but thank you so much mayday for posting it. it's an interesting video to watch.
  2. oh i forgot to add, when the clip mentioned how dior was raking in 2 billion dollars profit a year, my first thought was "yeahhhh obviously with those insanely priced limited edition saddles, 2 billion should be conservative!"
  3. That's interesting.. I would've thought Chanel be higher ranked and never expected Armani to be first. Somehow i thought LV was going to be on the list, maybe cos of that lil footage of all the people lining up in front of the store.
  4. Me too! They filmed all this LV footage at the beginning and I was expecting the number 1 brand to be LV. I think that LV isn't rated number one because fashion television isn't just about handbags, and I know that Armani is a hugely popular label when it comes to clothes (Holts has a huge Armani section on the second floor in the downtown Toronto store, and they only save big sections for their best-selling brands).