Dior in the Wild - sightings

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  1. Do you see Dior in your neighborhood?

    Where I live in Northern California, aside from my own, I've only seen Diors being carried two times...1 large lady Dior and 1Panarea. I always do a double take when I see a Dior.:smile:

    On a recent trip to Vancouver, I sighted many in the wild! I wish I'd taken pictures. I saw no less than 5 mini lady Diors (plus my own), 2 dioramas, and 1 medium lady Dior. It was a delight! I can say definitively that the mini is my favorite bag amongst all brands and it looks like they are quite popular in that fair city! :cool: Interestingly, I saw only 1 Chanel bag.

    How about you? Any sightings?
  2. I live in Toronto and I've been seeing the Lady Dior every once in a while, including yesterday. I was on a run last night and I passed a lady with a stunning white patent Lady Dior which sparkled like crazy thanks to the street lights against the dark of the night. Breathtaking!

    I see a lot more Chanel and Louis Vuitton than the Lady Dior, which is good. I like it to stay that way. Keeps Dior more exclusive.
  3. I see more LDs than any other Dior bags here in London, however LV are the most, Celine and Chanel
  4. I live in a small city so I don't see many luxury handbags where I live but I was thinking I don't think I've ever seen anyone wearing a Dior bag outside of a Dior boutique...I agree with Joe...I prefer they be few and far between....My daughter and I see so many LV bags while traveling and get so sick of seeing the same bags over & over!!!
  5. South Florida here, I've only seen Dior bags on others once or twice. It doesn't seem to be popular here. LV, Chanel and Hermes have many more fans.
  6. Where I live Chanel classic flaps, Chanel boy bags and lady diors are very very common. But I think most of them are fake which is a shame and makes me very angry! We even have a shop selling fake replicas of designer bags openly. Which is such a shame.
  7. I'll see them once every two or three months or so as I work in the retail industry so we have lots of clients come through our shops and I'm lucky to encounter an array of Dior bags... Mostly Lady Diors, but i have seen some beautiful tri color Diorissimos, a Classic Dior Soft, and most recently the Diorama (on a client who had bit the large wallet, the medium bag, and some stellar Technologic sunglasses... It might have given me the final push to purchase my own Diorama haha)
  8. I live in NYC so I see A LOT of handbags but I still see more Birkins than Diors which is funny to me since Hermes Birkins are known for "exclusivity" and are so hard to get. Doesn't seem like it though. I very rarely see Dior. But when I do...my heart skips a beat :heart:
  9. That pretty much sums up my exact feelings when I see a Dior.
  10. I have two Hermes bags, but you would have to be very familiar with Hermes to know that they are Hermes; my reversible tote (the Double Sens) has a tiny mark including 'Hermes', and the Victoria II has no mark at all.

    I'm not a fan of in your face branding, and I don't like the Kelly/Birkin designs because they are so fussy :nogood:; in central London I see a lot more of them around than Dior bags.

    There are also a lot of bags from other designers which look similar to K/B; they are not direct copies, but they are certainly hoping that at a quick glance they can be mistaken for them.

    I :love: my Hermes for the quality of the leather and craftsmanship, I have acquired the Dior flat pouch and the Voyageur wallet for the same qualities, and I shall be buying more Dior because the quality reaches up to :cloud9:

    Life is too short to waste it on buying bags because they are famous :shrugs:

  11. I feel the same way as you! I have a Victoria II tote! Truly a gorgeous bag. And yes in my experience...Dior quality is definitely up to par with Hermes. Truly amazing. I think Loewe is up there too.

    Sorry for being off topic!! Lol
  12. In my neighborhood, I see a LOT of Chanel & Hermes but I have never once seen a Dior bag on a person in real life. Not even my friends or acquaintances have one.

    I have been to a lot of dinner events/galas/benefits but not once have I seen a lady holding a Dior bag/clutch of any kind. Which seems really weird as Dior bags are very much in line with these events.
  13. I rarely see any dior. I have probably seen two LD in my city ever. Chanel flap is everywhere. That said, there is a Chanel boutique but no Dior so that probably explains it!
  14. I live in South Florida and have seen a few around. Saw a diorama at the theater a few weeks ago and another one at the mall today.
  15. Fuschia patent pochette at Santana Row this afternoon. Tried to take a picture but she was walking too quickly..too bad.