Dior in the US

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  1. Are there any places in the US that you can purchase Dior?
  2. Have you checked the Dior web site?
  3. some department stores like Saks carry Dior if you don't have a dior boutique near u.
  4. I do not think that Dior has a boutique in Chicago that I could find. I did not see that Saks or Neimans sold dior handbags online. I'll have to check at Saks next time I am there.
  5. Are you looking for places in Chicago? Your post name makes it seem like you're looking for locations in the entire US. You can call any Dior boutique directly and they can help you make a purchase. The numbers can all be found on the Dior website. Also a quick google search has led me to find that Saks in Chicago does carry Dior handbags/ leather goods. You can find their number on the Saks website, you can always call to find out if they have what you are looking for.
  6. as eminere pointed out, checking the Dior website is your best bet for Dior boutiques and authorised retailers:


    Complete the details on that page with the region etc that you're looking for and it'll bring up details of boutiques near you, if available. If there aren't any in your specific region, you can always call up one of the boutiques to mail order any items you're interested in, provided it's in stock for that boutique. Alternatively, you can contact Dior Customer Service who can provide you with more information about the availability of the item you want in the US or worldwide and have that item mail ordered if it's still available: contactdior@dior.com
  7. Thanks for all the suggestions...Yes, Chicago is the closest to me but I did not see that as an option in the locations catagory. I noticed that Saks and Neimans do not carry their handbags on line. I was at a smaller Saks in the Chicago suburbs and did not see any Dior purses. I was not sure if there were any retailers online that sold their handbags. Otherwise, if I find a style that I like, I will call one of the boutiques and hopefully they can ship it to me...