dior in paris

  1. back from paris and the sale season there! all the boutiques were really busy and i stupidly forgot to ask if they did mail/phone orders, but i did ask for the namecard of a terrific SA in the rue royale branch so i reckon i'll be ringing her up soon to ask.

    the sales at dior is the best i've seen so far in terms of stock - it's the same as the ones in the US (denim gauchos, st germain, rebelle, etc) but with some nice extras like the logo charms (in both black & white), detective (both the small and medium ones) in a maroon colour with python trims (:wtf:), evening saddles (the small ones) in silver python (50% off so it was 500 euros), beaded, satin versions too, lots of L.E. looking saddles, older versions of the cannage/lady dior wallets, vintage flowers wallets, tonnes of belts and scarves and even accessories from relatively new lines. it was like being in heaven!

    other non-sale lines spotted:
    jeanne bags in every imaginable colour and even the lizard/croc ones
    new jeannes in the big bowler bag version (looks much nicer IRL)
    snake skin gaucho long wallets (!!!!)
    snake skin metallic cream mini-gaucho
    lady dior in metallic gold, metallic silver, taupe satin with rhinestones, perforated black, other non-standard colours
    the neon-coloured pink and purple cannage drawstrings
    the new ethnic range in fuschia, black and white
    the new snakeskin & chain-mail looking gauchos
    gaucho clutches in satin in tonnes of colours - cream yellow, peach pink, blue, mostly pastels.

    AND a exotic skin/leather book on the table! i saw a VIP (i guess) flipping through it so, i'm not sure, does this mean that dior will custom make an existing design in a skin you choose? i distinctly saw swatches of ostrich skin and i hope i wasn't hallucinating when i saw that (going to the mothership has that effect on me).

    the fine jewelry range there is pretty extensive too, as expected and i think generally i got the best service at dior as compared to the other labels.

    and the clothes! the clothes! there were so many rooms of them at the main store (ave montaigne). and some of them were on sale! especially the dresses.

    to top it off, i never knew dior did home-furnishings but i saw ashtrays, lots and lots of china ware & glass ware, towels, etc at the main store. yep ladies, we can really live a dior-ified life now. :graucho::yes:

    so that's my paris report there. for anyone considering on going, i'd say skip the dior within printemps/lafayette. ave montaigne is a visual treat but i much preferred the rue royale branch. sadly i didn't get a chance to check out the st germain branch.
  2. Thanks for the great review, I almost felt like I were there! :p:smile:

    Did you pick up anything special while you were there?
  3. Wow! I'm jealous I wish I could go to the Paris store. Thanks for the report! I never knew Dior did houseware, maybe I could register there when I get married ;)
  4. wow!!!! Green with envy here. :girlsigh:

    Paris aint happening for me for at least another year I think. I want to see that leather book!!

    You are so lucky :heart: and thanks for the report sweetie
  5. loganz: unfortunately, i didn't! i'm kicking myself now for not getting something at least especially since the prices were SO good. i'm not sure how the prices in US is like, but comparatively, i find dior to be cheaper in paris than in the UK and in Singapore.

    fashion_guru: i was surprised that dior did houseware too! the funny thing about the houseware was that there were no dior logos on it or anything, or anything distinctly dior for that matter. more surprising was finding a room with dior beauty products at the main store.

    jeslyn: oh you have to give us a report on the leather book when you go to paris. it looked pretty substantial/thick.
  6. oh zero can i pls pls tell them ? :wlae::sweatdrop:
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  8. Oh wow, thanks for the report, zerodross!

    What do the neon hot pink and purple drawstring cannages look like in real life? Garish or good? Curious...

  9. this website sells fakes...
  10. only if you can break the good news about managing to snag that evening saddle from the paris store. ;) i'm crossing my fingers that you got it hun.

    and of course, our little adventure. :wlae:
  11. i didnt get the saddle hon...they only had one left in red and i didnt want red i wanted silver or pale violet satin ! :cursing:

    So ladies - me and zerodross are going away to Paris for a weekend on the 19th July ! :yahoo:look out for more reports ! :nuts:
  12. wow!!!!!!!!!!! congratxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx!!!!!!!!
    That is aweson. sweetie!!
    I am so envious :tup:
  13. Ladies thats great have fun, can't wait to hear how it goes and see what you get.

  14. mmm i want a new wallet and i want some nice shoes and i want some new bags maybe...but it wont be just Dior ! :devil::graucho:
  15. I so want the cannage drawstring... :drool: