Dior in France

  1. I think that I read on the blog a while back that the Dior store in France has a lot more in stock than any store in the US. Also, I think the post mentioned that bags are cheaper in France. I am currently looking to buy the Dior Gaucho bag in white. I am on the waitlist at the Dior in New York City. Would it be possible to call France and order a bag from them? Also, if it is cheaper, by how much?
  2. I personally think it would be better to buy it in New York. I reckon by the time you get it shipped over it would cost just as much if not more. Unless of course you are planning a trip to france? But i think the euro is stronger than the Us dollar?.?
  3. ^ Agreed. Plus if you change your mind, you probably won't have time to do returns.
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