dior hydraction serum

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  1. Has anyone tried this product? I want to buy it but wondered if it was a good product.
  2. i have dior hydraction rich creme, hydraction eye creme, hydraction mask,hydraction body sorbet..
    and i'll find it very well.works for me..
  3. I had an makeover with one of their national artist and learned ALOT about dior. One thing being, Dior really focuses on skin care. I spent alot of time with their skin specialist, and she could tell me immediately what my skin was lacking which was hydration and recommened this product line. and I love it!
  4. I have one of the cremes and I love it. It's very moisturizing.
  5. i don't really like the hydraction line, i prefer Capture. but my skin is super dry, so hydraction is probably just not moisturizing enough for me. i have the serum and it wasn't enough for me, but if your skin is normal or a bit dry, it would probably be a nice product.
  6. I have the serum and I have been using it for about a year now. It doesn't make my face greasy at all. :yes:

  7. That's good to know! I should look into it!
  8. thanks for the advice!
  9. Have you sampled it yet? Since everyone has different skin you may want to before you buy. ;)

  10. i don't know how old are u but if your skin is young u shouldn't be using a capture creme.(is specially made for older skin).because when u i'll be old your skin i'll be use to capture and nothing i''ll be helping u for your wrinkles..
    i'm using hydractiv ..
    my mom using a capture..
  11. gucci">
    Ive never thought about that but it makes sense. im 16 but i want to use something to help stop wrinkles.
  12. pink2508

    u have way to young skin to using something against wrinkles....
    u don't even have any wrinkles....
    i was thinking the same thing like u when i was younger like when i start using the wrinkles cream now when i'll be old i don't i'll be have any wrinkles...so not true..now u can use now antiwrinkle cream but there is no point when u start now...do you now what's happend,,your skin i'll be use to antiwrinkles creams and then noting i'll be helping u.....then i start learning about products (how i have to use them, what good for me, ....)
    it's up to you if u i'll be using those creams....i just want to help u..
  13. gucci">
    Thanks you were actually a big help. so you just use the dior cremes then? what other products have you used for your skin>
  14. i'm using products dior hydraction (that's for young skin..)
    i have very dry skin..so once or twice a week i'm using hydraction mask
    An intensive hydrating treatment for normal to very dry skin, this delicate mask deeply moisturizes and helps repair skin with Dior's exclusive Aquaceptä Complex and Aquaporin technology that instantly increases the skin's natural water reserves. The results are immediate and long lasting.
    then Dior 'HydrAction' Visible Defense Eye Crème SPF 20
    Now, you can give your eyes all the benefits of legendary HydrAction with this souffle-light, instantly absorbed formula. Floods dry parched tissues with essential moisture. Replenishes, soothes and smoothes. Reduces visibility of fine lines. Helps prevent new ones. Fortified with SPF 20 protection. Use day or night.
    then hydraction creme..( A sumptuous, deep-comfort moisture cream. Helps skin regain softness and radiance. )

    • For dry and sensitive skin.