Dior Homme Wallet/Card Case

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    Whew, paranoid watermarking is hard work.

    Thoughts on wallet so far:

    Love the canvas' print still. It's extremely subtle, but shows in just the right light. Also, no scratches or wear on the outside of the canvas, and immaculate stitching, which is what I expect. The print of the canvas is definitely the main seller here.

    The inner canvas is very disappointing though. I wish the inner canvas was textured, as the smooth shiny surface is shows any type of wear insanely fast. I have two faint darker-shiny marks where vertical cards were rubbing, a tiiiiny little round rough-like mark that just appeared out of nowhere, and one of the inner pockets' corner has a card-imprint wrinkle (if that even makes sense...where it looks like part of the pocket was stretched, but the rest isn't). I've shuffled the contents around in an attempt to mitigate the wear. (And it's not like it's overstuffed, I never put more than one card per slot...)

    I've decided this is definitely my most casual, denim-centric wallet (I can totally imagine it in the pocket of a model's Dior Homme jeans)...and definitely more discreet than my LV DG. It's also lighter weight (which may explain the fragility of the inside).

    I saved a nice bit of money on shipping and tax, so I'm okay with the purchase altogether (I mean, I have to be, with Dior's return policy)! I am hoping it will grow on me as it gets a little bit more wear and I become less picky about scraping/scratching the shiny patent interior. Like how you can eventually learn to relax and sprawl out on your brand new leather couch after it has a few scuffs.

    If the inside's wear gets really bad and bugs me too much though, it's getting relegated to gym wallet...which is sad for a $180 accessory.

    Final conclusion: This has probably put me off from placing another Dior (or any phone order) for a while, as I continue feeling this guy out.