Dior Homme in Dior women's boutique?

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  1. hello ladies i have a question do any of you know if a womens Dior boutique might ship items from the Dior Homme line on request, the reason is that there's only 3 Dior Homme stores in the usa. and eluxury dooesnt have a good variety!
    so doe's anyone have any idea:shrugs:
    i would really apreciate it!
  2. hi latinmalemodel,

    i'm not sure what the policy is like in the dior in US, but as far as i know when i spoke to the assistants in the dior in manchester (uk), if there is an item that is not available in their store, they can ring up a store which has it and get them to send it over to them, as long as you pay a deposit upfront for it. the assistant told me so when i enquired about the mink trotter romantique bag, and again when i was enquiring about the prices for the limited edition saddles.

    i hope that helps some. perhaps you could ring up the nearest dior to you and ask them about it?
  3. hey thanx for you'r help i was gonna wait till i went to louis vuitton and than go to dior and ask them but maybe i should calll them first and give me a heads up thanx...