Dior @ Holts

  1. Calling out people from Toronto...

    anybody know if holts carries dior's fine jewelries? (not custom jewelries) - i'm looking for the ones with diamonds. And if they take phone orders?

    Any related info will help, thanks :smile:
  2. i recall seeing a jewelry case in the Dior boutique but haven't actually ever taken a close look. Maybe you should call ahead?

    I'm not sure which Holt's you're interested in, but I'd assume the Bloor one is your best bet...try the website for their phone #
  3. thx i'm thinking of the bloor one as well, i'll email them instead, too lazy to call lol
  4. I've looked at the glass case in front of the boutique section many times and all they have are costume jewelry pieces and sunglasses (and sometimes wallets, too). Holts may have a fine jewelry section which may carry Dior, but I haven't been there before because I can't afford fine jewelry yet :biggrin:
  5. i know the case in the Dior area is all costume jewellery, but MayDay is right, look where all of the fine jewellery is:smile:
  6. ohh ... then they may not have fine jewellries :sad:

    I was thinking to order it online & since it does ship within England, i'll ask my friend in England to ship it back to me, do you think this will work? The only thing is, i don't know if they accept my visa?
  7. I think they might carry them.

  8. i dont live in UK and my friend buys stuff online for me but he uses his credit card, as not only the shipping address but the cc as well must be UK . i transfer him money via bank .:yes:
  9. Well, I can confirm that Yorkdale's Holts definitely has no Dior. Sorry !
  10. oh good idea! I have a friend in UK as well, do you think I can use my own credit card to purchase and ship to his address and have him ship back to me? I don't want to bother my friend too much and let him pay first .... since we are not that close :push:
  11. thanks, Yorkdale's holt is smaller, I don't know if they even have Gucci or not :p

  12. no u cant credit card must be issued in UK as well :sad: but you can always send him money first and then he can buy it for you.
  13. oh ic, thx for your info :smile:

  14. anytime ! :yes: