Dior- help with the US price of my dream bag!

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  1. ^^^I don't think you do...but it may depend on the originating country?
  2. really?
    i thought tax is based on the declared value or something like that.
    please clarify this....... i really want something atm, and would not mind saving 400 bucks:P
  3. that is really gorgeous bag........... i want more dior's as well.... i can only wish..
  4. hey, i found this thread very useful.. I didnt know that we can order directly from Dior Paris.. thanks ladies for the contact!
  5. Yea you'll get taxed for sure: PST, GST and duties. I got a bag shipped from US for $2000USD (it was a Chanel) and got taxed of $500+ in CAD.