Dior- help with the US price of my dream bag!

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  1. Hi ladies! I'm a newbie and I'm in love and I mean LOVE with a gorgeous, chocolate brown saddle bag. It's from the flowers collection I believe (Fall 05). The white one has just come out for Spring. Anyhoo... I live in Canada and am wondering how much this bag is in the States.

    If anyone could let me know I would be super thankful!!!

  2. I just want to know if it's worth waiting and getting it in the States vs. biting the bullet and buying here.

    It's about $400 bucks cheaper in Paris.

    Here's a pic:

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  3. You can order it directly from Paris. Save that money and get a wallet. :idea:
  4. That's good to know! TOo bad they don't list prices anywhere! ;)...edit! nrvmind! found it!
  5. I love American Express. I use their concierge service to find the Leather Star Saddle Bag when I can't get it in the US. They found it for me and it's price directly from the Mothership - Dior main store in Paris. They can ship it to you with a min. shipping fee. It's really cool. The only thing I don't like ordering this way is b/c I just love to touch and feel the item before making any purchase.:lol:
  6. How can I order from Paris?
    The French Dior website won't ship outside of France.

    Plus I'll get dinged on taxes when it gets to the border :sad:
  7. Sweeeet:amuse:

  8. Are you sure they don't ship outside of France? They offered me that choice and the price they quoted me was cheaper than US. I am not 100% sure if I was taxed or not. I didn't care b/c it was cheaper than US. If you do get taxed, I think you only get charged one country tax not two compared to buying it here. Call the Main Store on Ave Montaigne 01 47 23 52 39. They have really great service there.
  9. i ordered from the dior store in paris before. i just called and they put me on the phone with pascal séné, the cashier manager. i still have the phone number, its +1 40 73 54 09.
    don't know he's still there though. if not just call the boutique and they'll help you out.
  10. wait so you ordered from the us to paris? O.O wait-- could you do the same with LV?..
  11. Thanks so much!! How much was shipping?

    I live in Canada and I wonder if I'll get PST, GST and a luxury tax. Any Canadian girls out there who have some experience ordering over the border?

  12. no aarti, i live in europe. but i think they'll ship to the US as well.

    jelli, shipping was 25 euros, which is a lot but it arrived like 12 hrs. after they received my payment. really fast.
  13. ah, gotta love the tax! i got hit hard when twiggy arrived in the country :-\ all good though...

    i really love the Dior bag! its so beautiful! keep us up to date! and good luck! :smile: you know you could always do a road trip into the states! :smile:
  14. that bag is gorgeous. I'm basically in love with brown saddle bags. how much is it in the US? I can't find it anywhere.
  15. foxy_chao: did you have to pay tax when it arrived in the US?