Dior Haute Couture SS 08!

  1. after the last Haute Couture show which couldnt be more beautiful, I knew it would be hard to top it up...I appreciate a few outfits but nothings makes me want to sell both my kidneys to get it as it happened with AW07...like the dresses looking like Klimt`s paintings, but why is he repeating silhouettes from Ready to Wear from last season? and couldnt we really lay off the sixties by now please??? uuuugh....
    79152982.jpg 79152996.jpg 79152998.jpg 79153073.jpg 79153384.jpg
  2. and more
    79153374.jpg 79153391.jpg 79153397.jpg 79153398.jpg 79153400.jpg
  3. and more...
    79153408.jpg 79153409.jpg 79153411.jpg 79153469.jpg 79153475.jpg
  4. and mooore...
    79154750.jpg 79154757.jpg 79154761.jpg 79155196.jpg 79155212.jpg
  5. dont even get me started on the shoes...BOOORING !
    79155250.jpg 79155251.jpg 79155287.jpg 79155330.jpg 79155300.jpg
  6. Meastro looking good though ...:drool::heart:
    79153073.jpg 79153388.jpg 79153071.jpg 79153160.jpg 79148377.jpg
  7. and some VIPs attending ...not liking the red plisse at all no no no...but i would love to put my greedy hands on the black clutch! :heart:
    79147170.jpg 79150901.jpg 79152769.jpg 79147158.jpg
  8. The origami SS07 Haute Couture show pictures left me weak in the knees, this... this just makes me eyelids close. :amazed::sleepy:
  9. ^^ ITA with mewlicious! last spring's haute couture was GORGEOUS AND INTRICATE. this spring, while the embellishments and some of the textures and the play on the billowing shapes were nice.. it just looked like a re-hash of the past a/w season. whyyyy?! i was hoping to be floored.
  10. Me too. What a disappointment. And what's with the dark gloomy runway?
  11. I guess it's easy to be disappointed since last season was so WOW but there were a few pieces there that I thought was gorgeous.
  12. ^^^ a few pieces alright, but should that b enough for DIOR??? well i guess its better than the Chanel Haute Couture which was basically pret a porter to me...whats the point in having a Haute Couture show if you show ready to wear pieces?:confused1:
  13. ^
    ERM, there's a BIG difference even if you cannot see it in these picture, even for "simple" cuts and dresses. It's not necessarily a masquerade. In addition to being a cultural tradition in France the craftmanship and effort that goes into HC is on a different level entirely! It kind of is like saying Hermes Brikin is a plain leather bag witho nothing speacial going for it without inspecting the making of.

    I think this collection is quite nice. It's not his best for Dior, but it's far better than the Joan of arc bysants parade he put on some seasons ago. I generally love what he makes and this is no exception.
  14. It's a gorgeous collection, however I agree it is not as formidable as the previous HC collection.
  15. fair enough, i am familiar with the concept of understatement. BUT I am not a pro, just someone who loves fashion and has my own view and feeling about it. With Haute Couture i expect to be seduced and charmed and wowed..with Chanel i saw pret a porter with better craftsmanship but it didnt take my breath away...personal opinion here, ok? :flowers:

    Its nice to know that Chanel puts effort in craftsmanship with the Haute Couture, the amount of complaints i read on this forum about Chanel quality makes you wonder.:confused1: