Dior Gypsey Lace Bag Sighting


formerly Purse-onality
Nov 10, 2006
this bag is the most beautiful Dior i have ever seen.....they had her at the Saks Town Center (Boca).....$1750 for the medium sized one which is plenty big.....it kinda reminded me of the ballet bag of a few years ago but more gorgeous and less "esoteric". she is a leather hobo shoulder bag, kind of shaped like a crescent, edged in about a one inch fringe of leather lace with tiny pointelles in it, and dangling from top of bag, "Dior" spelled out in individual letters......omg. If Chanel hadnt eaten up my extra money, the Dior would be sitting in my boudoir in our house...............:sad:
Apr 14, 2007

Is this the bag you are referring to? Oh! Does it also come in lace too?

Darn those Chanel bags...always eating up money! hehe :roflmfao:

Happy Holidays! :flowers::flowers:

p.s. This pic was posted within another thread by a great PFer! :heart: