Dior Gypsey Lace Bag Sighting

  1. this bag is the most beautiful Dior i have ever seen.....they had her at the Saks Town Center (Boca).....$1750 for the medium sized one which is plenty big.....it kinda reminded me of the ballet bag of a few years ago but more gorgeous and less "esoteric". she is a leather hobo shoulder bag, kind of shaped like a crescent, edged in about a one inch fringe of leather lace with tiny pointelles in it, and dangling from top of bag, "Dior" spelled out in individual letters......omg. If Chanel hadnt eaten up my extra money, the Dior would be sitting in my boudoir in our house...............:sad:
  2. Hello,

    Is this the bag you are referring to? Oh! Does it also come in lace too?

    Darn those Chanel bags...always eating up money! hehe :roflmfao:

    Happy Holidays! :flowers::flowers:

    p.s. This pic was posted within another thread by a great PFer! :heart:

  3. wow leather lace with tiny pointelles that I must see :drool:
  4. Is this the one???:love:
  5. Now that bag I like.

    I thought the plain gipsy in the other thread and posted below had potential in another colour or material ;)

    Now just imagine that in pink :lol:
  6. why am i not surprised lol but you`re right i can see me wanting it in a soft gentle pale pink, maybe with a bit of metallic sheen even :drool:
  7. mmm that sounds nice, I can do pale pink any pink you can imagine really :heart:
  8. haha.. I would love love love love love a white one. Too bad white are too hard to maintain. Cant wait to see what other colors are available
  9. so far apart from the tan there is a red one on www.dior.com in ready to wear spring section.:heart:
  10. Red is definitely an eye catcher, I like that one.

    Love that long black ruffle dress too :heart:
  11. Wow check out the makeover that the Gaucho bag got for spring. Each one is so colorful.

  12. i know ! i cant wait to see them in real! ( oh i forgot i live in a country with NO Dior now:push: ...i cant wait to see the close up pics of them then...:rolleyes:)
  13. Jeslyn, thats the bag! now you can see why i swooned
  14. i saw the red one at bloomies in SF. it was really pretty. but looked weird on my body. that was a relief =P