Dior Guacho.........what The Heck?!?!...........different Types??????????????????????

  1. Hello,

    I am having a hard time determining what the different style Guacho's are....could someone post some pics and name the different styles for me?

    For example, what is a: double saddle? magnetic tote? medium?

    Thank you so much within advance for all of your help!

  2. You should check out www.diabro.net - they have alot of Dior gauchos and you can see the different styles. I have the medium shoulder gaucho and the flap has a magnetic snap closure. The shoulder gaucho comes in a few sizes - medium, large, mini, etc. I haven't see the zipper bags but I think they come in either magnetic snap closure or a zipper closure. The saddle bag is hard to describe - it has two big pockets on each side of the strap. Sorry if I'm confusing you - check out Diabro and eBay and you can see the different styles as well as in the stores.

  3. its perfectly ok! :tup: