Dior Grey Plastic Authenticity Cards.............two Different Kinds....?????????????

  1. Hello,

    I have noticed for sometime that when looking at Dior handbags on eBay there are two different Dior grey colored plastic authenticity cards. (see pics)

    Do you get one type if you purchase a handbag at a department store and another at the Dior stores? Or maybe a different type of card if you purchase the Dior bag at an outlet?

    I have noticed a lot of fake Dior bags have the second kind of authenticity card.

    Any help would be sincerely appreciated! Thank you!

  2. All of my Dior bags have the first type of card. I know nothing of the 2nd type...perhaps someone else will weigh in.
  3. it's been discussed before. the cards with black lettering are for newer generation bags and the ones with gold letterings are for the older lines. some lines (street chic, lady dior, etc) have a mix of both the black lettering and gold lettering cards. it's safe to say that anything post-2000 should come with the black lettered cards. quite a lot of fakes on eBay come with the gold lettered cards (though it's not to say that a bag with gold lettered card is automatically fake nor does it mean gold lettered auth cards are fake in itself).

    i'm sure May made a post about this in the authenticity thread or something similar.

    i'm sorry i'm a bit tired at the moment so i'll leave someone else to do a search for you (but you can do it too by searching for "gold lettering" or something along those lines)
  4. I have a dior bag that was from 2001 and that came with the gold lettered card so it must be some time early 2000's that they changed over.