Dior Grey Plastic Authenticity Card.......is This Type Authentic?...help, Please.

  1. Hello,

    I have never seen an authentic bag with this type of Dior grey plastic authenticity card.

    Does anyone have an authentic Dior bag that came with this type of authenticity card? If at all possible, could someone who knows for sure their bag is authentic with this type of card post picsture's of their authenticity card like this (back and front pics please, thanks!).

    Thank you within advance for your assistance with this! best wishes

  2. You'll find the gold writing card with bags that were produced in the early 2000's. These cards only have 2 boxes on the back.

    I had a search of my bags but I don't have any older cards as my bags are post 2002.

    Someone will be able to post pics for you :smile:
  3. As per Mayday, those bags definitely have gold authenticity cards :

    - Dior Street Chic
    - Dior Saddle (includes the bowling saddle and other variations)
    - Dior Trailer
    - Dior Trotter
    - Lady Dior
    - (bags made before Galliano started to design for Dior)
    - (the bag that looks like the top of a pair of pants)

    Also The Street Chic, Saddle, and Lady Dior have black lettering cards as well, because they were still manufactured after Dior changed their cards.

    will try and dig up pics when i get home...