Dior Grand Sac Panarea Shopping Tote

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  1. Just browse through Dior web, they have this panarea tote in canvas, what do you think about this material? Easy to take care and does it look elegant?? I'm new with Dior bags so need some advice. Thanks
  2. I have it. It is very durable! It can last through rain as well. The handbag is classy and modern. =)
  3. If you do a search that's always a good place to start when looking for info.
  4. By the way, just so you know, Dior discontinued making the large size, although you might be lucky where you are. There are only small and medium sizes left.
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    It is very elegant, stylish and beautiful, I wear it all the time! It's very durable as Swe3tGirl said,
    I carry my portfolio book in it and trust me my portfolio book is very heavy and it still hold up well! (knock the wood lol)
    Easy to clean as it is canvas, I do always prefer canvas material over leather though, it weight less and it's easy to maintain.

    Here is my Panarea tote in large (black) and medium (fuchsia)


  6. Wow it's really looks beautiful. Thanks I will definitely look into it.
  7. Wow I love it! I'm new to the Dior world, I have everything but Dior. How much does it cost? I think I need this in my life!!
  8. Where are you from FASHIONSDOLGER? I only know the Canadian prices.
  9. Oh I'm from the united states, New York.
  10. It should be around the same price then. The small one is $1100 CAD and the medium one is $1190 CAD. Hope that helps!
  11. I hope so too!! Thanx!! So excited!
  12. Hi, did they ( Dior) just raised Dior Panarea price? I check today the small one is 1000 $, medium 1100$ and large one is 1250$.
  13. The large is still around... Just in a select few colors.

    ALSO, there is a X-Large as well lol.
    Its pretty huge and somewhat ridiculous, and was meant for a very specific customer.
  14. Yes, I believe during the first week of February..?
    I can't remember the exact date, but yes, prices did go up!
  15. I love your bags ayshaa! :smile: I'm tempted to see if it's available in Vegas, and have it shipped to Arizona! (hopefully save on the tax)