Dior Glossy Sunnies

  1. Hi.. I am thinking of buying the dior glossy sunglasses. Problebly in black and dark brown. I think they look real great on some celebs.
    I know they were very popular last year.. are they still in?
    What's your intake on them? ;)
  2. i love dior glasses...they look so chic! :love: but umm...i'm not sure which ones ur talking about...do you mind posting pics please? :wondering
  3. Sorry, I meant Dior glossy 1
    The oversized sunglasses Here's a picture
  4. oooh...those are sooo nice! i'd grab'em if they fit!
  5. BUY THEM! haha i have the white ones and i plan to use them for years!
  6. I love them...but I am a big sunglass lover!!
  7. Wow, they are so cute. You need to have good checkbones or a fuller face to wear those big ones though. I have a pair of oversized raybans that absolutely make me look like a bug! I have a really narrow and tiny face. They may end up getting given away.

    If that's your pic in your avatar, then you'd probably look similar to Katie Holmes in them -- so I'd go for them!
  8. LOVE them!
  9. Great!! I just got 2 of them. Hopefully, I wont look like a bug:biggrin: