Dior Glossy sunglasses

  1. Hi!

    Does anyone have a photo of either them or a celebrity wearing the dior glossy sunglasses? I'm tempted to get them online because I have a discount coupon from one online store. But I can't find them ANYWHERE in Toronto. Obviously I would prefer to try them on (and if anyone in Toronto has seen them somewhere let me know), but a picture would also help.

  2. Here is a recent, straight on photo of me for reference. Not the best photo, but maybe it will help for people to say if they think the Dior Glossy sunglasses will look good on my face.

  3. I have a pair of the dior glossys, honestly I have a really small face but I wear them and love it! I think they look great on any face thats why i think they are so popular. No matter what kind of face you have it will look great. I think they will look gorgeous on you!
  4. Here I am with mine....love them:heart: My all-time favorite sunnies
    tpf glossys.jpg
  5. I don't have a photo on this computer but I can post one later. Honestly, I tend to think they look better on heart shaped faces for some reason but still can be pulled off by many. They are my favorite.